The Albanian population boasts high proficiency in American-style English and slang and is in close sync with American and European cultures

Albania boasts excellent technical infrastructure and a young, educated and highly-skilled workforce fluent in English and major European languages. This makes Albania an attractive option for many international firms looking to expand their footprint beyond their home country and streamline internal operations with experienced and educated outsourcing staff.

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As English is taught mandatorily in the Albanian education system, a significant portion of the population attains fluency in the language at an early age. The influences of Italian and Spanish further contribute to the development of an internationally neutral accent among the majority of Albanians. This neutral English accent provides a significant competitive edge in the outsourced customer care sector, as it helps customers feel at ease when interacting with operators from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Sara Call Center will transform your customer experience by helping customers feel comfortable throughout the call, resulting in higher rates of customer conversion and retention.

The highly personal nature of customer service means that each interaction a customer has with your brand must display dedication, compassion and patience. The success of any given call center assignment hinges upon customers being made to feel comfortable by the agent; whether calling in with a complaint or receiving a call to request information or complete a sale. Familiarity and comfort help ensure customer satisfaction.

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Whatever your industry, your firm is positioned to grow and do its best when your staff are free to focus on long-term initiatives and strategic planning rather than getting distracted by time-consuming logistical and administrative duties. At Sara Call Center, our highly accomplished management team will help you identify outsourcing solutions to save your company time and money.

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