Mortgage companies are increasingly looking to outsourcing companies to keep expenses low, improve customer experience servicing, grow their business and expand their marketing efforts to reach more clients every year.

In today’s ever-more complex and competitive mortgage landscape, outsourcing to a firm such as Sara Call can help your local team focus on big-picture work and keep innovating so as to help the company grow ROI.

We are an Albania-based firm that manages contact centers and other administrative tasks to free up clients’ time so they can focus on what’s important to their core business areas.

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Because we are based in Albania where the cost of living is significantly lower than that of the U.S., Europe and other countries, mortgage companies find our services to be a highly-effective way to employ virtually any-sized call center at highly-competitive rates that cannot be matched by recruiting talent locally.

Outsourcing your most time-consuming and labor-intensive work processes to Sara Call can free up local resources to work on strategic initiatives enabling your firm to maintain its competitive edge while saving on labor and training costs. By outsourcing administrative and marketing tasks to a call center your firm may enjoy the following benefits:

  • Attaining access to a team of highly-qualified and trained customer service experts experienced in finding and converting prospects and retaining existing customers
  • Quickly growing or decreasing your team based on your current needs
  • Accessing the latest customer service technologies and practices without the need to invest time and capital in new products, services and trainings
  • Reducing mind-numbing work that causes employees to burn out and quit, saving your firm from needing to screen and recruit new potential hires
  • Providing existing customers with 24/7 support, minimizing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction and experiences
  • Providing customers with multichannel and multilingual solution frameworks to increase the speed with which their issues are resolved
  • Improving your firm’s image by providing a full-suite of customer service offerings
  • Freeing up local staff’s valuable work hours so they can focus on their areas of expertise rather than administrative and time-consuming jobs
  • Saving on labor costs by utilizing talent based in a country with a lower cost of living

When consumers start researching mortgages, they tend to have a lot of questions. Answering all those questions with your in-house staff can be time-consuming and costly. Partnering with a large call center capable of answering all of your clients’ questions such as Sara Call can give your firm the edge it needs to ensure that prospects turn into paying clients as our English-speaking, experienced and dedicated staff guide them through their concerns about taking out their mortgage. Our affordable and high-quality team can professionally manage your customer calls and improve customer satisfaction; we also offer other services that streamline your processes and save your firm time and money.

​Sara Call offers a full-service, multilingual and multichannel contact center that can address customer concerns and solve complaints without your local talent needing to lift a finger. Our contact center can upgrade your customer service experience and offer support through:

  • Live chat (online)
  • Social media
  • Email
  • In-app messaging
  • Text messaging

Merely answering customer concerns and inquiries is one of the most time-consuming activities mortgage companies must engage in, but it isn’t the only one that can take up valuable hours from local employees’ schedules. Given the high regulatory and competitive nature of the field, mortgage companies daily complete a variety of burdensome, repetitive and time-consuming tasks which Sara Call has the experience to manage. We can help your firm offshore just a few services and free up local employees to focus on other initiatives or allow you to run an almost entirely-virtual company with just a few local resources helping run the core of the business. We allow you to pick and choose the solutions that generate the best value for your firm.

Some of the services we help mortgage companies outsource include but are not limited to:

  • Market research – learn more about your clients, retain and cross-sell existing clients and convert prospects by gathering vital information and data on end-users
  • Contract processing – maintain your firm’s high-quality contract processing by producing more contracts at lower prices with our highly-qualified staff who are experienced in contract execution – we handle mortgage, new hire and legal contracts of all kinds
  • Outbound calls and marketing campaigns – setting up marketing and outbound call campaigns is costly and time-consuming; outsource to Sara Call to enjoy the benefits of a team that has nearly a decade in generating direct sales and valuable leads for your firm
  • Forms processing – our keen attention to detail will offload the most cumbersome form-processing tasks so your local employees can focus on what’s important and the core business. Our detail-oriented staff operate under supervisory oversight to assure the highest quality when processing sensitive forms
  • Data entry – enter vital data submitted through forms and associated systems into a centralized database or wherever it needs to be stored to cut down on the repetitive work your local assets contend with daily
  • Other services – Sara Call can help your business when it comes to tax season, setting up and hosting a website, collecting vital consumer data, organizing appointments and more

Outsource with Sara Call Today

Your firm is positioned to grow and do its best when your staff are free to focus on long-term initiatives and strategic planning rather than getting distracted by time-consuming logistical and administrative duties. At Sara Call, our highly accomplished management team will help you identify outsourcing solutions to save your company time and money.

Dedicated Virtual Assistants
High-Quality Deliverables
Multilingual Operators
24/7 Support

Sara Call

We are ready to tackle any challenge and put your firm on the path to success: from outsourcing customer care and lead gen to cold calls and direct marketing, we are here to help transform the way you do business.

Since 2012 we’ve helped our clients find new customers and cut costs through a variety of services including telemarketing, back-office servicing and data entry. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


Harel Kopelman

Head of Business Development

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