Today’s world moves at a dizzying pace, and customers expect no less from the brands and businesses they trust. Consumers expect minimal wait times when they need to interact with a brand. Utilizing live chat helps bridge the gap between brands and consumers by providing them with easy access to professional help, allowing businesses to deliver prompt and efficient customer service in real-time, ensuring a better customer experience.

Sara Call brings the power of automation into support delivery and provides your business with the ability to flexibly respond to customer concerns in real-time.

Our live chat support services are the key to delivering prompt, dedicated and seamless customer service. We boast a team of experienced live chat agents that can help guide customers through their most complex business problems into resolution. By seamlessly integrating live chatbots into your existing customer service offerings, Sara Call makes retaining customers and converting new ones a more efficient, fast, cost-effective and convenient process.

Outsource Live Chat

At Sara Call we take the convenience of live chat one step further, providing the expedience of live chat support services positioned within multichannel and multilingual frameworks, giving customers the ability to interact with your business in their preferred channel and language.

Outsource with Sara Call Today

Your firm is positioned to grow and do its best when your staff are free to focus on long-term initiatives and strategic planning rather than getting distracted by time-consuming logistical and administrative duties. At Sara Call, our highly accomplished management team will help you identify outsourcing solutions to save your company time and money.

Dedicated Virtual Assistants
High-Quality Deliverables
Multilingual Operators
24/7 Support

Sara Call

We are ready to tackle any challenge and put your firm on the path to success: from outsourcing customer care and lead gen to cold calls and direct marketing, we are here to help transform the way you do business.

Albania offers our call center many competitive advantages that helps our team outperform the competition: affordable cost of living, excellent international universities and a culture of multilingual communication contribute to our mission: offering the highest quality of service at competitive rates.

Harel Kopelman

Head of Business Development

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