The past few years have seen hospitality, travel and tourism boom. As of 2018 the World Travel and Tourism Council estimated that the industry generated a record $8.8 trillion (USD) and employed 139 million people worldwide, accounting for ten percent of the global economy.

With more and more players entering the global hospitality market every year, the industry has started to see intense competition and price wars that are driving profit margins down.

Firms are seeking ways to improve operational efficiency and ensure timely delivery of services. With the proliferation of online review services and platforms, achieving high customer satisfaction and retention is becoming ever-more challenging and competitive.

This is why so many in the sector have turned to call center outsourcing as a cost-cutting and flexible scaling solution to their many operational needs. Partnering with an experienced call center and outsourcing provider helps businesses trim labor and training costs while maintaining the ability to reach a high volume of customers in omnichannel and multilingual frameworks.

Outsourcing Hospitality Services

Our high-skilled, college-educated call center agents at Sara Call are trained to handle tasks that can take the pressure off of your business and help it find new customers


Our high-skilled, college-educated call center agents at Sara Call are trained to handle tasks that can take the pressure off of your business and help it find new customers such as:

  • 24/7 multilingual, multichannel customer support to help customers when, where and how they need it

  • Digital marketing and measuring campaign performance

  • Cold calling and lead generation to find new customers

  • Booking rooms, flights, tours, concert tickets and other travel reservations

  • Managing cancellations, emergencies and last-minute itinerary changes

  • Customer billing

  • Hyper-personalized customer care for travelers throughout their trip duration

  • Data entry and management

Most bookings taking place through the phone can be easily managed by a qualified call center along with flights and other tourism reservations such as events and activities. This simplifies the process for consumers by offering them a straightforward way to manage all their bookings in a single place and in the same interaction. At Sara Call, our dedicated and professional agents are ready to interface with customers to make hotel and flight reservations, room and date changes and cancellations. We provide services to the entire hospitality industry including homestay and vacation rental service providers.

Changed plans? In today’s pandemic-riven world, travel plans often change at the drop of a hat. Our operators can reduce the burden on your company by rescheduling travelers’ flights to the next available dates, making seat changes or inputting pertinent information for customers with special needs. Modifying car rentals and hotel bookings are some of the common travel itinerary items that our agents are equipped to update and modify at a moment’s notice.

Are you a travel agency with VIP customers who use your service multiple times a year and offer you valuable repeat service? Call centers are proving to be excellent support staff to travel agencies looking to serve their preferred customers with VIP treatment. These businesses can save on the costs of training and maintaining a large workforce by outsourcing loyalty program member treatment to Sara Call – our highly-trained staff will ensure that your repeat customers are treated like royalty so that your business can continue to improve customer retention and conversion.

Anyone who has traveled in the past year and a half of the pandemic knows just how quickly plans can change with flights being cancelled and travelers getting sick ever-more regularly. Wherever your customers are located, they need 24/7 support whenever their travel plans change. Outsourcing travel agency services to a call center provides your firm with the advantage of around-the-clock consolidated customer support.

Our multilingual and omnichannel customer support services are available to answer customer inquiries in real-time. Regardless of time zone, customers can rely on us to pull up their full itinerary, provide accurate and timely information and ensure their information is kept safe from fraud. ​

Even as the world moves closer to full digital integration, many businesses still find themselves deploying personnel to meet in real-time and in-person rather than relying on digital communication. This helps build long-term rapport and foster meaningful relationships. Companies often send salespeople and executives abroad to meet with VIP customers, sponsors and investors.

Sara Call has systems and staff in place to manage data, payments, invoices and reimbursements associated with business travel – we take care of logistics and scheduling for flights, lodging and travel.

Outsourcing the basic and administrative aspects of running a travel business helps your company save on costs associated with expanding in-house headcount, managing benefits and training, all the while minimizing turnover. ​

Beyond cost-saving initiatives, companies can better meet travelers’ diverse and ever-changing needs with a flexible agreement to scale up and down with the business’ needs. This frees the core employees of your company to focus on long-term strategies and initiatives to further generate new revenue streams and strengthen the firm’s core business. ​

Last but certainly not least, employing a call center can help your business expand its revenue base by cross-selling multiple products to customers on the phone and through other marketing channels. More travel agencies are following a business model of selling add-ons to travel packages and flights to increase sales and provide customers with a richer travel experience. One survey revealed that nearly two in three customers found personalized offers coupled with their original purchase to be “very important to winning their business.” ​

Invest in Outsourcing, Today!

Sara Call is proud to provide outsourcing and call center services to a number of international firms worldwide including those in hospitality and travel. Give us the most time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks and free up your personnel so they can focus on what they were hired to do. Our dedicated, professional and highly-educated staff are available to meet all of your outsourcing needs: from managing bookings, flight changes, travel expenses and much more, our customer service skills will ensure that your clients are satisfied and provide repeat business. By partnering with Sara Call your hospitality business can stay competitive in the hyper-saturated and cutting-edge world of international travel.

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We are ready to tackle any challenge and put your firm on the path to success: from outsourcing customer care and lead gen to cold calls and direct marketing, we are here to help transform the way you do business.

Since 2012 we’ve helped our clients find new customers and cut costs through a variety of services including telemarketing, back-office servicing and data entry. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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