The digital revolution is here, and even traditional companies in the retail and sales sector are now employing some sort of e-commerce strategy to reach consumers in the channels to which they are increasingly flocking. While e-commerce solutions and companies are making it easier for consumers to find competitive and innovative products and services online, businesses are struggling to keep up with the time-consuming and expensive tasks of 24/7 customer support, data reporting, market research and digital marketing campaigns.

Why Utilize a Call Center?

This has led many firms to choose outsourcing providers like Sara Call to help streamline the most labor-intensive and administrative aspects of running an e-commerce business. We help your company by reducing the strain on local personnel so they can focus on long-term initiatives and planning to help diversify your firm’s revenue streams and protect its core business. We offer low-cost and scalable solutions that help e-commerce companies across the globe meet the demands of 21st century shopping.

Sara Call allows you to resolve issues quicker, decrease call wait times, answer more calls and improve caller satisfaction rates. We give you access to the latest technology when it comes to managing high volumes of calls and to conduct market research quickly and at scale.

E-Commerce Outsourcing Services

The penetration of digital services across all areas of life means that customers are more reachable than ever while also expecting minimal wait times and to experience exceptional customer service when they engage with your business online. Whether you are a small e-commerce firm looking to manage a small portion of customer service operations or a large one seeking to offshore an entire department overseas, Sara Call is available to help your business cut expenses and improve your customer relationships.

Our team of educated, English-speaking agents are trained to provide the highest-quality customer service to your consumers in a multichannel and multilingual framework. Because the comparative cost of living in Albania is far lower than what can be found in many  Western economies, Sara Call is able to provide high-quality services to e-commerce firms at rates feasible even for the smallest of companies.

When you partner with Sara Call, you can enjoy the benefits of a full-service outsourcing solutions provider that can meet your needs in multiple areas including but not limited to:

  • Traditional call center campaigns such as answering incoming and making outgoing calls
  • Managing live chats with customers to provide help or cross-sell
  • Social media page maintenance and customer support
  • Providing tech and DIY customer support options
  • Replying to email inquiries, complaints and more
  • 24/7 customer service and responsiveness

While many companies start with outsourcing their customer service, Sara Call is capable of providing much more to help your business streamline and optimize its internal operations by cutting down on labor and training costs and enjoying the benefits of a full-service solution provider. Other services your e-commerce business may want to outsource include:

  • Conducting marketing research and distributing customer surveys
  • Generating new leads for digital campaigns associated with your e-commerce site
  • Order tracking and fulfillment 
  • Designing, hosting, building and maintaining websites
  • Setting up secure and PCI-compliant payment portals
  • Collecting, QAing and managing data 
  • Writing custom reports on the health of your business
  • Managing loyalty programs

Hiring, training and maintaining a large in-house staff can be cost-prohibitive and time-consuming. E-commerce sites often start out slim and need to focus on improving the quality of their product offering and strategizing for long-term growth and new initiatives. Outsourcing the most time-consuming and labor-intensive aspects of running an e-commerce business can help your company maintain operational efficiency and focus on what’s most important while simultaneously providing customers with the support and services they need. Such setups can be especially beneficial to remote-based companies and entrepreneurs just starting their business, as well as established, large firms looking to utilize outsourcing as a cost-cutting tool.

Such large corporations can benefit from streamlining operations and outsourcing labor-intensive tasks to a more affordable locale where quality is never compromised. This can free up valuable local personnel to focus on strategic planning to keep the firm competitive and cutting-edge.

The concrete benefits of outsourcing speak for themselves. By working with a trusted third party provider like Sara Call your firm can expect to:

  • Benefit from the latest technology – Sara Call’s technological infrastructure is constantly updated to keep our clients ahead of the competition and provide the highest-quality product offering to our partners. Leave the management of marketing and customer service technologies to us and focus on what your business does best. 
  • Save time and money – avoid screening, hiring and training costs and focus on your core business. Our teams are ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice and provide stellar, affordable services that are otherwise unavailable to our clients in their firm’s locale.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a trained staff on the ready – staff at Sara Call are highly-qualified, college-educated and proficient in English and a host of other major European languages. We are constantly investing in our personnel to keep them up to date on industry developments and trained in the latest marketing, operations and service methods.
  • Flexibly scale as demand increases – expecting an increase in orders due to the holidays or high-demand seasons? Sara Call can help your business flexibly scale up according to demand so that your firm isn’t caught flatfooted and leaving customers in the dark with flexible work arrangements and contracts. Our team of 400+ agents can help your business fill operational gaps as they come up so you can keep your customers happy.

Outsource with Sara Call Today

Your firm is positioned to grow and do its best when your staff are free to focus on long-term initiatives and strategic planning rather than getting distracted by time-consuming logistical and administrative duties. At Sara Call, our highly accomplished management team will help you identify outsourcing solutions to save your company time and money.

Dedicated Virtual Assistants
High-Quality Deliverables
Multilingual Operators
24/7 Support

Sara Call

We are ready to tackle any challenge and put your firm on the path to success: from outsourcing customer care and lead gen to cold calls and direct marketing, we are here to help transform the way you do business.

Since 2012 we’ve helped our clients find new customers and cut costs through a variety of services including telemarketing, back-office servicing and data entry. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


Harel Kopelman

Head of Business Development

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