7 Reasons Why Everyone is Outsourcing Data Entry

With the spread of internet services and smartphones to every corner of the planet, businesses are increasingly dealing with large swaths of data that needs to be tracked, systemized and analyzed. From using data analytics to inform market research questions, understanding user behavior and tailoring product offerings to different audience groups, data today is more essential than ever.

What is Data Entry?
Data entry involves inputting, verifying and systematizing the data your business collects in different forms and databases so that it can be centrally stored and queried. Qualified data specialists are more vital than ever before: every business needs someone to input, verify and edit data as part of your firm’s compliance policies and to uniformly process forms and system inputs.

Why Your Business Needs Data Entry Specialists
Data is the new oil, giving firms the fuel they need to maintain their competitive edge, reach more customers and maintain customer satisfaction. Without dedicated staff to ensure everything is relevant, up to date and accurate in your company’s systems, your firm can lose its competitive edge and access to new opportunities.

Benefits of outsourcing data entry
Offshoring this vital but labor-intensive role has thus become an attractive option for companies looking to manage their data entry activities in a low-cost and efficient manner. Here we list out the 7 reasons why major corporations are outsourcing data entry today:

1. High-Quality Service

By utilizing a BPO provider your firm ensures that your data entry specialist staff are highly-trained and experienced agents with a vetted history of working in the field. Our expert staff follow best practices and processes to help keep your data organized and clean. They will work with you to set standards and processes to ensure data consistency and database integrity.

2. Proficient Data Management

The only way to manage the treasure troves of data that companies collect on a daily basis is to make sure it’s organized, indexed and accessible to your teams.

Outsourcing data entry ensures systematic storage and management across all your platforms. Upper management and in-house data analysts will benefit from a more logically indexed database and the support of dedicated data entry specialists.

3. Flexibility

With Sara Call your firm can enjoy the benefits of flexible, limber contracts and set ups. We offer our partners low hourly rates with minimal long-term commitments.

If your firm has ad hoc data entry services it needs to get done, a flexible BPO setup can prove to be the best solution to your workflow issues. We will help you work within your budget while offering the scalability of additional assets to work on larger workflows that may come in unpredictably.

If a project ends earlier or requires less staffing than expected, companies can save on time they would have otherwise spent on training staff and avoid hefty overhead costs with a flexible work setup.

4. Saving Time

When you outsource data entry, professional specialists with extensive experience in the field can turn around large volumes of work within a short turnaround time at affordable rates.

Your employees will focus on long-term initiatives and their areas of expertise while our data entry specialists get the manual work done in the background. Given their accuracy and speed, your team will see significant time savings, allowing in-house staff to invest in core business offerings and generate new revenue streams.

5. Benefitting From The Latest Technology

While most businesses don’t necessarily have the time or funds to invest in data entry systems or workflow management software, BPO providers consistently invest in the latest technology to deliver the highest-quality products to clients at affordable rates.

By working with a BPO provider like Sara Call your firm can benefit from the latest technologies available today.

6. Focusing On Areas of Core Competency

Stop expecting your local assets to wear multiple hats and let them focus on what they’re most qualified to do. By sending your data entry work offshore, you alleviate the stress and hassle imposed on local staff and empower them to invest more time into core business areas.

Your local team will thank you for giving them room to breathe and do what they were hired to do rather than time-consuming, labor-intensive tasks. This will give them the headspace they need to focus on what’s important.

7. Improved Customer Experience

The key to excellent customer service and experience is understanding the consumer before even interacting with them. Knowing how to manage customer data and information makes it easier to improve their experience and provide customers with what they’re looking for.

Happy customers are sticky customers. When your data entry systems are organized and facilitate easy management of customer relationships, your bottom line will increase as you retain a larger portion of your customer base.

Take Advantage of Outsourced Data Entry, Today!

By outsourcing to Sara Call your firm can enjoy savings of up to 70% with our cost-effective labor practices. We take care of the time-consuming and repetitive nature of data entry for you at a fraction of the price it would cost your firm to do so locally.

Get in touch today to learn how to boost compliance, data efficiency and quality and customer retention with outsourced data entry solutions!