As your company grows, local teams may feel the added stress of generating new deliverables, keeping up with demanding client deadlines and ensuring existing lines of business are running smoothly. With business booming, employees on the ground can feel the burn of adding up work hours. To deal with the pressures of large workloads many companies are turning to Albanian outsourcing agencies and call centers to free up local assets to focus on long-term, complex initiatives and strategies that can deliver high value to the company.

By offshoring labor-intensive tasks from each local, senior role, businesses can give staff room to breathe and focus on high-value projects.

Allowing executives brimming with great ideas to make your business flourish instead of dealing with the daily grind of manual, repetitive tasks such as data entry, accounting, payroll, workforce management or personal assistance can help lift your business’ bottom line and cut costs significantly.

You’ll get higher return from your investment in senior local staff as they reorient themselves to handle long-term complex tasks. For a mere fraction of the local employee’s salary you can offshore the lower-value supporting tasks like administration and data analysis to Sara Call, where highly-trained and dedicated staff perform your labor-intensive tasks for a fraction of local costs.

Sara Call back office functions include:

  • Finance, Accounting and Payroll
  • Workforce Management
  • Marketing
  • Data Management and Entry
  • Personal Assistance and Secretariat
  • Human Resources, Recruitment and Training


Typical Back Office Team Structure

Many companies find that the easiest way to get started with outsourcing their back office functions is appointing a Personal Assistant or Virtual Assistant to executive team members who can help with everything from diary and email management to reports, typing, project management and event planning.

Back Office Outsource Services

This small but extremely effective change will give high-level employees time back to to work on big-picture projects every day, adding up to increased time spent on long-term projects and strategic planning for the company. Executives with more time on their hands have time to think about how to structure their own teams and improve their department’s workflow and productivity.

Outsource Marketing

Once executives are freed up to maximize their time to direct teams and plan new company-wide initiatives, your business will benefit from grouping back office teams by function into sundry teams that will work together. Each back office team can include a manager, team leader and support staff.

It’s easy to get started with small teams at first. You can begin with the bare minimum roles for each team function – usually a team leader and 2 to 3 support staff– and grow teams as more work streams in.

A typical structure for a mid-sized company that wants to offshore is to keep C-suite and senior managers local and outsource supporting roles to an agency like Sara Call. The top priority for these professionals is supporting management. They may handle data entry, communication, clerical and technical support, event coordination, document management and other duties.

To cope with peak periods like the end of the financial year, high-sales promotional periods, volume-heavy deliverable periods and managing extra payroll for seasonal hires, you can also flexibly hire more support staff to augment the existing team structure.

Typical titles of roles that can be offshored include but are not limited to:

  • Accountant
  • Payroll Manager
  • Payroll Processor
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Debt Collection Specialist
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Data Entry Specialist
  • Market Researcher
  • Marketing and Data Analyst
  • Administration Assistant
  • Digital Marketing Associate
  • Contact Center Support
  • Business Analyst
  • HR Manager
  • Recruitment Specialist
  • Rostering and Workforce Management
  • HR and Performance Management Associate
  • Training and Employee Development Associate
Depending upon your team’s needs, it’s possible to have a back office team up and running in as little as six to eight weeks. ​ To ensure the fastest set up times and optimal results, provide detailed role requirements and the ideal skills each candidate should possess. This will ensure that our talent team at Sara Call has the necessary information to source the perfect candidates for your back office needs, getting the offshore team up and running as soon as possible. ​
Companies that have outsourced with Sara Call have seen savings of up to 70%. We offer simple contracts to help reduce labor overheads and allow your business to focus on scaling and growing. Our fees covers everything from infrastructure, recruitment, training, security and staff benefits and management.
At Sara Call, our talent team works the same as in-house recruiters do: we screen, interview and test candidates to ensure they meet the needs and requirements illustrated in the company’s position descriptions. With over a decade of experience in the call center and outsourcing solutions sectors, Sara Call is one of the largest and most experienced offshoring providers in Albania. ​ Our staff of more than 400+ employees are supported by a dedicated management team on the ground which works closely with your staff in Albania to keep communication between your business and your offshore team streamlined. Our operational departments support your employees so they function efficiently and productively.

Outsource with Sara Call Today

Your firm is positioned to grow and do its best when your staff are free to focus on long-term initiatives and strategic planning rather than getting distracted by time-consuming logistical and administrative duties. At Sara Call, our highly accomplished management team will help you identify outsourcing solutions to save your company time and money.

Dedicated Virtual Assistants
High-Quality Deliverables
Multilingual Operators
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Sara Call

We are ready to tackle any challenge and put your firm on the path to success: from outsourcing customer care and lead gen to cold calls and direct marketing, we are here to help transform the way you do business.

Since 2012 we’ve helped our clients find new customers and cut costs through a variety of services including telemarketing, back-office servicing and data entry. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


Harel Kopelman

Head of Business Development

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