The dizzying rate of growth many global companies experience is now the norm, with everyone from tech to healthcare to insurance and ecommerce companies looking for ways to rapidly grow their user base and sustain that growth with reliable customer service, back office, data entry and marketing services.

This makes it ever-more vital for your business to focus on what it does best rather than on administrative, secondary tasks that aren’t core to your area of expertise. This is why many companies turn to BPO vendors such as Sara Call Center. Working with an experienced outsourcing partner provides flexibility, agility and cost efficiencies to your firm so it can stay focused on big-picture projects.

Outsourcing has helped many companies achieve their positions of global domination – but the journey can seem daunting to those not familiar with the process. What are the keys to success when it comes to outsourcing? Below we list out the seven secrets that every successful company with experience in BPO already utilizes to get the most out of their outsourcing engagement.

1. Set Concrete Goals and Define KPIs

When setting up an outsourced team it’s vital to first know your goals. For example, many businesses outsourcing back office needs want to save money and reduce in-house burnout. Set up KPIs (key performance indicators) such as retention rate and hours saved per week to track how your set up with the outsourcing vendor is working out. Many executives find it helpful to consult with local staff on the most difficult pain points and where an outsourced team might be most helpful. Once you have answered the questions of what you need help with and what your hoped-for measurable results are, you are ready to get started with the next step.

2. Delineate the Roles and Responsibilities to Outsource

From marketing to back office to IT to accounting, there are plenty of roles that can be staffed remotely or outsourced. Administrative tasks that are repetitive are especially easy and productive roles to outsource. Once you have identified the roles and tasks you want help with (anything that is essential to the running of your business should probably be kept in-house) you are ready to find a BPO partner.

3. Find Your Trusted BPO Vendor

There are many BPO vendors out there specializing in different fields. The success of your outsourcing project will hinge upon selecting the one with the best staff to execute your tasks and deliver value to your firm. Check the basics, first – does the company have a track record of success, management in place to perform quality checks on deliverables, high retention rates and access to the latest technology? Then ensure that the vendor has the right cultural competency, skillset and capacity to meet your outsourcing needs. Go through multiple consultations and make sure you are picking the right vendor for your project needs.


4. Calculate Costs

While labor costs in different locales can mean up to 70% in savings for your firm, your firm stands to lose money if your outsourcing setup isn’t done correctly. Beyond simply sourcing talent from another locale, outsourcing helps you set up efficient, specialized overseas teams that can get the work done faster because of their distinctive knowledge in a specific service area. Pick a call center or outsourcing vendor with a history of success, active accounts and expertise in your areas of need – tapping into their product offering will give your firm the leg up on the competition and provide access to services otherwise not available to you.


5. Set Clear Expectations

Communication is key when working with an outsourcing vendor. Communicate and set clear expectations, deliverables and deadlines. Provide a business development plan and timelines and schedule regular touch-bases to make sure everything is running smoothly, especially in the beginning of your outsourcing engagement. This will help your BPO partners understand your goals and focus on what’s important to you. Rather than letting them read your mind, communicate your expectations and needs clearly to reduce execution errors and so your partner can provide the best service.


6. Face Challenges Head On

There will inevitably be challenges and roadblocks on your road to outsourcing. Evaluate possible risks in areas such as tech, legal, brand safety and business development and communicate them directly to your BPO provider. This will help you create opportunities for success and to avert the pitfalls that some firms fall into when outsourcing their work.

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7. Maximize the Benefits of BPO

The ideal outsourcing partner will become an extension of your existing firm, supporting you at every turn. They will help you evolve your team, strategies and goals themselves to maximize sales, reduce costs and find new and service existing clients. You will need to continuously focus your efforts on your core business, and outsourcing will help take the strain of managing tertiary tasks off your shoulders. A smart outsourcing agreement sets your firm up for success and helps you focus on the core competencies which give your business its competitive edge.

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